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Changes to the Short-term Rental Laws in Berlin

November 28, 2013

BerlinLegislators in Berlin have just passed “The Law on the Prohibition of Misuse of Housing.” This law will have a major effect on short-term rentals in Berlin. This new legislation is intended to help make more affordable housing available to locals.[1] This law is estimated to bring 8-12,000 apartments “back onto the market.”[2]

Under this new law, individuals who rent out their apartment for less than thirty days will be required to obtain a license to do so. There are many “public interest exceptions” that will exempt individuals under this law, such as: individuals who are in Berlin for a medical procedure, interns, and embassy staff.

This law won’t be enforced for two years, so there is plenty of time for short-term renters to adjust to the new requirements.

What do you think about these developments?

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  1. rita verma permalink

    Amazing blog .. thanks for sharing the wonderful information

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