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Senator Krueger Responds to the Nigel Warren Decision

June 14, 2013

Senator KruegerNew York State Senator, Liz Krueger, has issued a statement in response to the recent Nigel Warren decision. Senator Krueger co-sponsored Chapter 225 of 2010 (also known as the illegal hotels legislation), the law at issue in the Nigel Warren case. She begins her statement declaring that Chapter 225 of 2010 was not intended to target individuals such as Nigel Warren but “large, ongoing hotel operations.”

The real problem”, Senator Krueger says, “is the devil-may-care attitude companies like Airbnb have taken toward the legal consequences for their users. Whether it’s laws like New York’s, or it’s the basic terms of use of a potential user’s apartment, companies like Airbnb or Flipkey are recruiting private citizens into their business model without sufficiently warning them that it may not be legal and could even lose them their homes. That’s pathologically irresponsible.”

Senator Krueger ends her statement announcing that she is “open to discussing good faith efforts to improve the law.”  Unfortunately, she adds: “the only proposals that have been put forward so far would gut the law, making it practically unenforceable and leaving New Yorkers without any recourse against illegal hotel operations compromising the safety and security of their homes”.

For the Senator’s full statement please visit:

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