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The Parker Bill

June 11, 2013

Senator ParkerCreating a Registration System for Vacation Rentals in New York City

A bill was recently introduced in the New York Senate to narrow the scope of Chapter 225 of 2010 (referred to by the media as the illegal hotels legislation) [1].

Senator Parker, a Democrat from Brooklyn, sponsored this new bill (S5443-2013) [2].

It is a slightly modified version of the now defunct Golden Bill [3].   Similarly to the Golden Bill, under this proposed legislation, owners and leaseholders of a residential unit are allowed to rent for less than 30 days provided that:

(1)  The unit is not a SRO (Single Room Occupancy),
(2)   The unit is not rent regulated,
(3)  The unit has at least one bathroom and one kitchen,
(4)  The unit has smoke detectors in each room
(5)  The unit carries sufficient fire, hazard and liability insurance and
(6)  The unit is registered as a short-term rental with the Department of Buildings.

The major differences between the Parker Bill and the Golden Bill appear to be the following:

(1) The Parker Bill exempts owner-occupied brownstones of 4 units or less from the requirements listed in the legislation,
(2) The Golden Bill had limits on how many units could be rented for less than 30 days in a building.  The Parker does not impose any such limits.
(3) The Golden Bill required that the license registration number be posted on the website operated by the owner or leaseholder to promote the short-term rental. The Parker Bill does not have such a requirement.

What do you think of the Parker Bill?  Will it gather enough votes to pass?

[3] See our two articles dedicated to the Golden bill: and

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  1. Adina permalink

    This bill sounds like it would really help to clarify the situation and help owner-occupied home owners.

    In response to Daniel- As many new apartment structures that have gone up in the past couple years right in Bed-Stuy/Clinton Hill/Ft. Green, there is no shortage of rentals. I’d love to see some legislation for where all these new residents are going to park! As for having a few tourists in my brownstone from time to time or renting our one unit to a long term tenant should be our choice. We’d be happy to comply with registering our space for short term rentals and meeting the standards set in this bill.

  2. Daniel permalink

    For the love of God please do not pass this bill. I have many friends and family that live in NY and can’t afford their rent and I don’t want them to end up bunking with me. I would love if landlords would stop turning entire residential buildings into hotels so that getting an affordable apartment would be a little easier.


  3. chris burke permalink

    For the love of God and humanity please pass this bill. I have many friends and family that regularly visit NY and they can’t afford hotel rooms and so most times bunk with me. I would love to be able to help them get an apartment so we could all breath a little easier.

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