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The Assembly Committee on Housing To Evaluate The Implementation Of The Vacation Rental Ban in New York City

April 18, 2012

New York City Hall
Chambers of the City Council

A public hearing will be held on April 27, 2012 regarding the implementation and impact of the Short-Term Rental Ban in New York City (“Chapter 225 of 2010”).

Where: 250 Broadway
Room 1923, 19th Floor
Assembly Hearing Room
New York, NY 10007

When:  Friday, April 27, 2012 at 11:30 AM

We encourage all of you to attend this hearing whether you would like to testify or not.  Please note that testimonies will be limited to 10 minutes per person.

Mark your calendar and make your voice heard on April 27th!

If you would like to testify, you should email your public hearing reply form as soon as possible to

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  1. MSG permalink

    I have a feeling that unless we all unite and take the city to civil court for infringement on your right by entering your apartment while you are not there and going as far as pushing people out of the way to come in and question your guests, I think we will loose to the city and their bullying techniques. It is outrageous. Why can Chicago regulate the vacation rental industry but NYC BS’s and claims that the reason why they are doing this is because of safety reasons!!

  2. Bruce permalink

    I attended the meeting and was disappointed to see the clear relationship between lawmakers and the hotel association. I had a disgusted chuckle at the lawmakers’ affordable housing platform that was repeated constantly in this town where $20Million to $88Million apartments are sold on a weekly basis. I understand why a politician would take this position. Who is going to be against the noble goal of affordable housing? Perhaps politicians like Rosenthal and Gottfried should take on the goal of creating more stables in Central Park for Unicorns and special building requirements for Leprechauns?

    Next up was the hotel association which spoke about the hazards tourists face when they stay in unsafe accommodations that lack the safety features their hotels spend millions to build and, according to them, are not featured in an apartment. Included are: smoke detectors (my apartment has them), sprinklers (my apartment has them since it was built recently), clearly labeled exit signs (my apartment has them) and what to do in case of a fire instructions (my apartment has them too. The most absurd thing that was stated by the CEO of the hotel association (John Fitzpatrick) WAS THAT HOTEL ASSOCIATION OF NYC’S POSITION AGAINST ILLEGAL HOTELS WAS NOT ABOUT COMPETITION. Really? Then why are you here today?

    Currently the city’s major revenue areas are tourism and Film/TV production. Wall Street revenue is down and so are income taxes. Listen up NYC, if you want more revenue, regulate the vacation rental sector. There’s a lot to be made here!

  3. Mick permalink

    I have sent email to all the state gov reps. All owners should. Tell them you support Golden’s amendment (see home page here) to the onerous bill.

  4. m s g permalink

    I was there and many of the assembly members were simply rude, indifferent and even hostile and uncivilized specially this Tino guy from Brooklyn. I can even say that he was almost an ass when it came to testimonies from BB owners and the head of the newly formed group StayNYC and other people making their voice be heard from AirBnB and others. The assembly memebrs didn’t even care to LISTEN simply. It’s unbelievable. Are we in a democracy were you atleast have the right to have your voice be heard or the majority can just screw the minority in regards to opinions.
    I left really outraged and disappointed. Through out the most of the hearing which I didn’t stay till the end, most talk was about how to protect homeless and low income!!!! what does this have to do with someone being able to rent his or her apartment or an owner of a 3 or 4 apartments choosing not to rent to long term for whatever reason and prefer to rent to short term. This Tino guy kept mentioning jobs and union organizations and the hotel industry!!!!

  5. you have to send this to every airbnb usuer in nyc

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