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Show your opposition to the new legislation ban on short-term accommodations

August 8, 2010

Do you think vacation rentals (rentals of properties by the night or by the week) should be allowed in New York?

While conducting our last poll on whether the Governor of New York should have vetoed a Bill that would ban rentals of under 30 days duration in New York City, we were surprised to see that people all over the globe representing 39 countries took part to cast their vote and give their opinion.

Clearly many of you see the global impact that the passing of such a law could trigger as other cities and counties around the world choose to follow this example. We are already seeing time limits and even complete bans of vacation rentals popping up in communities.

Please let us know how you feel about this topic by voting in our poll and encourage your friends no matter where they live to vote and post their comments too. We’d love to see how travelers and property owners from around the world feel about this topic!

Graph: stats from the vote system on protect vacation rentals (as of August 4th 2010)

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  1. Short-term rentals help the economy by attracting more visitors to the city who would otherwise be unable to afford high-priced hotels!

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