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Rentals for less than 30 days banned from New York City

July 24, 2010

Yesterday evening July 23, 2010, we received the news that  Governor Paterson Signed Bill S 6873. The law will ban New York apartment rentals for less than 30 days, effective May 1,2011.

Our determined group of professionals sprang up in reaction to the shocking news that  this bill had passed  the Assembly and Senate. The entire legislative process leading up to the passing of the bill caught us somewhat off guard.

Our rapid response was  well-executed and focused. If we had had additional time, we are certain that we could have convinced Governor Paterson to veto the Bill.  We now need to continue our work and roll up our sleeves.

Let us coordinate our ongoing efforts in the 10 months before the effective date of the new law.

We will regroup next week and keep you updated, stay tuned to

We would like to thank everyone who got involved and kept the movement and the momentum going. This is just the beginning!

Special thanks to Jay Karen, Arthur and Pauline Frommer, Stephen Kaufer, Greg Jarboe for their support.

More very soon!

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