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Petition to veto Bill S6873

July 20, 2010

A group of concerned vacation rental industry professionals and New York City property owners met last night to discuss the ramifications of Bill S6873, currently on Governor Paterson’s desk awaiting signature, which would sign into law a ban on apartment rentals of under 30 days in NYC.

Below is the petition drafted as a result of this meeting. It details the main points of opposition we have to this Bill becoming law. We encourage anyone who opposes the ban on apartment rentals to cast their vote urging the Governor to veto this bill (by clicking “veto this bill” and clicking “vote”), which will be delivered to Governor Paterson urging him to veto the proposed legislation.

Dear Governor Paterson,

We strongly urge you to veto bill S6873. Clearly this Bill is not only limiting the freedom of choice of those visiting our city, but it is also infringing upon the rights of property owners in New York City. Cities and towns worldwide offer alternatives to hotels. Guesthouses, Vacation Apartments and Bed and Breakfast establishments have been welcoming visitors in small towns and major cities of the world for decades. New York City is no exception.

Please consider the devastating effect the passage of this Bill will have on the rights of so many, not to mention the collateral damage on both tourism and employment in New York.

Hotels in New York City are prohibitively expensive to the average tourist and a great many visitors seek lower cost, alternative housing so that they can afford to visit this great city. These same budget-conscious visitors prefer instead to spend their travel budget at local restaurants, theaters, shopping and museums. This amounts  to millions per year creating  an influx of revenue that keeps New York City businesses alive.

Making visitors’ only legal accommodation option a hotel limits the accessibility of New York City to certain economic classes. It also limits the freedom of property owners in New York to use their real estate investment to generate income. This could result in a significant number of foreclosures.

If this Bill passes there will be a huge decrease in tourism in New York City. Thousands of New Yorkers in the vacation rental business will be unemployed or forced to operate underground. Such a practice will only increase incidents of rental scams as people will be unable to distinguish between legitimate businesses and properties and fake listings.

Approximately 45 million visitors per year descend upon this great city even in these very hard economic times. We want to give the visitors to New York City the same choices they have worldwide.  Legitimate vacation rental businesses collect and pay hotel taxes, which generate millions in revenue to the City.

We represent a long-standing tradition in hospitality. A tradition that will be lost, and a business sector that will be eliminated by the City government if this legislation passes. We, in the vacation rental industry, want to allow property owners the freedom to rent their property legally, giving NYC visitors a choice  while respecting the rights of all owners and neighbors in the process.

If this Bill is truly about affordable housing, as the politicians are suggesting, then we suggest the City target only rent-regulated buildings . These are the people taking affordable housing away from New Yorkers, not those of us who own private apartments, Bed & Breakfasts, townhomes and historical  brownstones.

Thank you in advance for considering our arguments on this important matter. We hope that you will agree that vetoing Bill S6873 is the right thing to do for tourism in New York and New Yorkers. If you care to discuss any of the above issues, please contact us at

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  1. fleurdesel9 permalink

    You can see how the hotel industry is trying desperately to hide it’s motives by claiming that it is dangerous!!!?

    Click on the link!

    • The short-term apartment rental industry does not disagree with all aspects of the bill. The bill brings up real issues that call for regulation in the short-term apartment rental industry (fire sprinkles, egress etc.). However, this bill’s broad sweeping nature is over reaching and will prove detrimental to New York City.

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