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New York Habitat sends thousands of emails to its owners

July 20, 2010

The following email was sent to New York Habitat’s owners who host visitors in NEW YORK CITY (

Dear Property Owners:

Some of you may have already heard about Bill A.10008/S.6873, a proposed law that will make rentals of apartments for less than 30 days illegal in New York City in most instances.

This Bill has passed through the Senate and Assembly and is awaiting Governor Paterson’s signature or veto in the coming days. New York Habitat believes property owners should have the right to decide how to use their property. Therefore we are asking all of our current owners who rent short term vacation rentals to join us in opposing the signing of this Bill by visiting the website where there is an online petition against the Bill that you can click on to sign.

There is also a rally being organized for tomorrow at 1 Centre Street by those who SUPPORT the banning of short-term vacation rentals in the City.

We urge you to attend, make your opinion heard, and rally instead for the Governor to VETO this Bill.

When: Wednesday, July 21st at 11am
Where: 1 Centre Street (R to City Hall, 2/3 to Park Place, A/C/E to
Chambers, 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge).

Together, New York Habitat and vacation rental owners can make the difference!

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