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Important reference website for your information

July 20, 2010

A very active website where you can post your comments, get information on the Bill and instructions on how you can take action to urge Governor Paterson to veto the Bill is:

You can also connect from the site to follow Save NY Sublets on Twitter and find them on Facebook

24,000 visitors so far… way to go!

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  1. tomasello2002 permalink

    Dear Governor Patterson,

    Too me the issue is simple. We are people of very modest means that have chosen to rent some of our living space to people from all over the world. We do this to balance our personal budgets. We serve a lower income population that would not use NY hotels because of their cost.

    By vetoing this bill, you allow a lower income group to continue spending their money in NYC. You also allow us to maintain ourselves and not be forced to apply for governmental assistance.

    Allowing this bill to pass would not help the hotels, because the income group would go elseware and would not allow us to earn our own way.

    John Tomasello

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